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    If you read up on Thai beaches, you are sure to run across Railay Bay.  One of the most beautiful and touristy spots on the Andaman coast.  If you follow the signs to Railay you will find world-class rock […]

  • This place from the article hosts many yoga retreats. You can join a yoga retreat (listed on their website) or go when there is no retreat scheduled. To get there you have to call the boat man (who speaks […]

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    We’re going to Bali this week! Hindu temples, volcanoes, Nyepi, Kecak dance, Green School, and more… Stay tuned!

  • ThumbnailThe Story We were contacted by Jay Amstel from the  Environment in Movement Institute  several months ago, through  Wiser Earth , a social network for sustainability. After checking out their database of work posted online, we were so excited to invite them to drop by Thailand should their project bring them to Southeast Asia. It was only a couple months […]

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    We have to captivate young minds in order to effectively deliver environmental education  -Jay Amstel

    After reaching more than 9,000 children in their home country of Brazil, the Environment in Movement Institute has hit the road to answer calls from the other side of the world for their innovative program “Robin Hood Project.” The project uses theatre with pantomime, […]

  • ThumbnailPeanut Butter ! Thai cooking is known for it’s peanut sauces, but somehow this country has yet to discover the gift of the peanut’s creamy derivative.  All is well, though–it’s high time I learn how to make peanut butter! Our first episode at the Peace Corps Kitchen is a recipe for the quintessential nomad food. Thanks […]

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    I am always inspired when I run into women traveling solo. Thailand is a pretty safe country overall. I feel very comfortable here living alone, taking trains and buses, and even hitchiking. Yesterday on the bus, I met a chick from Holland who had been traveling solo here for 7 weeks. I asked her how easy or difficult she found it to be…[Read more]

  • There are so many of us now learning to live the life of our dreams. I believe that is due in part to the economic “crisis” in the US. So many people feeling trapped leaves us searching for other options and desperate to do anything that helps us feel alive. This is a great thing for humanity. When we can come together and empower each other,…[Read more]

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    i just bought a Thai drum for 550 Baht. That’s the equivalent of less than $20US. Sweet! It’s small and easy to travel with, plus I downloaded a ripped video on african drumming. The internet allows us to learn anything with relative ease–love it!

    In Thailand, ukuleles are super popular now. There is a ukulele store in Phuket, and the Thai…[Read more]

  • I’ve only been living in Thailand 7 months, so I still have MUCH to learn about this culture. That being said, as a general rule, being out seems to be more acceptable for women than men, and more so for teenagers than adults. As I understand it, sexuality is more fluid before marriage, meaning the […]

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    “It is calm and breezy, aside from the occasional  quaffic jam – that’s what I’ve dubbed the times I have to pull over to wait for the ducks being herded down the road to pass.”

    Biking is a great way to see an area when traveling abroad, but there are a few safety concerns to bear in […]

  • ThumbnailJoining the US Peace Corps I first heard about the Peace Corps in college. It sounded like a wild dream. It was too impractical for that 21 year old version of me, but it was stuck in the back of my head. The decision came to start the intense application process 6 years later after I returned […]