With a history that is centuries old, it is home to some of the most unique cultural and natural reserves in the world. Bulgaria has world-renowned ski resorts, beach resorts, archeological wonders, first-class shops, and a rich enchanting culture that will astonish the traveler.

Discover Bulgaria: Ancient and Modern

Situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, located just north of Greece, Bulgaria boasts an old and rich history. Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Bulgarians inhabited this land in their time, leaving behind monuments and enriching the world’s treasure-house of culture.

In the present, Bulgaria is home to what has been called “the Fashion Capital of Eastern Europe,” in its very own capital city of Sofia. Recently admitted to the European Union (EU), Bulgaria is bravely transitioning from its previous Communist regime to a fully-functioning, free-market democracy. The country has asserted itself as a stabilizing force in Southeast Europe.

Did you know? : Bulgaria has the hottest mineral spring in Europe, in Sapareva Banya. This natural wonder, located at the foot of the Rila Mountains, has been the best kept secret of European spa-travelers for years.

Bulgaria is a great place to sightsee and relax, from its sunny Black Sea resorts, ski resorts, to its charming old towns and cities, pastoral valleys and stunning mountain-enclosed monasteries. What makes it unique are the many less-discovered corners of the country, where the modern world gives way to the old and traditions from ancient times still remain a part of everyday life.

Why Bulgaria?

Welcoming friendly faces, a sense of history and tradition, enchanting landscapes are at every turn. When coming to Bulgaria, you step into another world, another time, another culture. You can’t get the experience anywhere else.

Amazing nature. Vast sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, charming countryside with wonderful glades, forests and caves, impressive landscapes, exceptionally rich flora and fauna and moderate continental climate make Bulgaria a tourist destination worth to be experienced.

Rich folklore. Folk dances, music, national costumes and traditional rituals take an important place in the life of Bulgarians. There are numerous holidays, festivals and happenings that the international traveler may attend.

Great cultural heritage. Bulgaria has 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries, some 40,000 monuments of culture, 7 of which are on UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list.

Excellent resorts. The beautiful, picturesque Bulgarian seaside and mountain resorts that meet the best standards await you.

Delicious cuisine. Being in Bulgaria you should certainly try the typical Bulgarian dishes with their exotic taste and unusual names along with the famous Bulgarian wine.

It’s more affordable than you think. You’ll be surprised how affordable a wonderful summer or winter vacation in Bulgaria really is.

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