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4 Steps to a Heartfelt Hug

Maybe you have forgotten how to hug, maybe you never learned as a child, maybe you are too busy in the rat race to make time for a heartfelt hug. I have noticed that it doesn’t come easily or naturally to all people, but I’m convinced there’s still time! We can spread free love in a safe way by pausing up to 30 seconds to open our hearts and arms to strangers, neighbors, and family alike.

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The Jungle of Koh Ra, Thailand

Koh Surin National Park is a paradise of scenic beaches, primary jungle, pristine waters, and the most extensive coral reef in Thailand. The area is inhabited by tribes of the Moken Sea Gypsies, an ancient nomadic people. The closest resort to this paradise lies a boat ride away, on the neighboring Koh Ra. Both the island and the Ecolodge are a definite hidden gem.

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