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We are always looking for writers, collaborators, partners, volunteers and connections. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to contribute, or take a moment to register to join our forums and submit stories to our blogs and share boards.

Web Services & Video Production

As a spinoff of Teknomadics, DominoLink Strategies is our professional branch. DominoLink can take on web development, video production, and social media marketing projects for sustainable business, tourism, and non-profit organizations. We are a world-class team of Certified NationBuilder Experts, Architects, and Digital Media Creatives with extensive backgrounds in strategic web development and organizing. Operating from a deep understanding of the challenges behind running a grassroots effort, we can help you leverage your strengths and support your weaknesses to craft a winning strategy. We can connect the right dots, help you build an engaged community, and harness the power of the web – one piece at a time.

 Visit our Web Services website to learn more.


Tek Volunteer & Intern Support Programs

Working with NGO’s, sustainable businesses, and tour operators on the ground, we saw the great need for them to get tech savvy volunteers to help upgrade their online presence. To pitch in, we’ve decided to develop programs and place TEK volunteers in those projects that are most in need. For our technomads, these programs are great opportunities to experience a new place and gain experience. For our partner organizations, these volunteers provide them with a fighting chance in todays consumer market. View our current Tech Volunteer & Internship listings.

Responsible Travel Tool

In addition to our programs, we are developing a travel tool called GoLocal. It will be the first true responsible travel portal offering direct listings and user reviews for the world’s leading community-based tour operators and eco-friendly properties – without the mark-up commission of conventional off-site travel agencies – ensuring all funds go directly to continue sustainable development in the communities our travelers visit. Once this launches, it will be another free marketing tool for responsible tour operators. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved with this project, or to make sure we add your business to the listings!  Contribute to this cause!



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