The internet provides grassroots campaigns with a powerful tool. Not only is it accessible 24/7, but it offers a lighting-fast transmission speed, a global/local reach of a bazillion users, and it is extremely low on publishing costs. Open source platforms like WordPress make it even more accessible. This amazing tool awaits the activist to come and tap its potential.

Grassroots Internet Action

This web of mass connectivity allows nomad activists to join in and help build momentum for movements worldwide, including those happening back in their own homes. Recently, we’ve seen the power of Internet activism bring down a dictatorship, orchestrate the biggest act of civil disobedience for the environmental movement, and force corporations to change their toxic operations by a deadline. Then, a whole lot of activists came together and started the Occupy movement.

There is no denying it –the internet- and most importantly, a users’ activity on the Internet – can make or break any campaign. Obama was the first presidential candidate to truly tap into this resource during his campaign – and it made all the difference. There are many advocacy tools available out there. Here are a few of them:

  • Email Marketing – if nothing else, grow your email list. Social Media portals will come and go, but if you’ve got their email address, you can always find them.
  • Twitter –amplify your message. Look at
  • Facebook – amplify your message. Look at the Causes app.
  • Youtube – amplify your message. The widest audience for Video.
  • Advertizing (paid or free)
  • Constituent Management Systems – Organize yourselves! Look at Nationbuilder

Viral Marketing

One of the attractions of Internet campaigning is the potentially huge number of readers who can take action. A strategically-placed link on a popular website, or passed from friend to friend through social media and email may generate millions of page views very quickly. Sharing a link to a video or article, passing around online petitions to sign, and sending a bombardment of emails to a local government official can make a tremendous impact when amplified by numbers. This is the key to spreading your message, and where the technomad plays the biggest role.

Technomads has a vast, international network of people -oh the untapped potential!

Contributing Remotely

Nomadic Activists can also pitch in by working in web development, content development, SEO or online marketing for a campaign remotely. They can post solidarity banners on their blogs, sign petitions, and constantly share via their social networks. Check out Teknomadics project, GrassRoots Interactive where we do just that.

Want to be a Nomadic Activist?

Get started today! Click around, there are tons of campaigns out there that need your help. Check them out, give them a Facebook like, Tweet them, and if interested in doing more, join them!


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