are you a digital nomad?… or aspiring to be?

Want to give something back while you travel?

Volunteer your knowledge and skills to help a responsible tourism organization, build your resume, and..

Travel. The. World.

This might be your chance to break-in to the location independent lifestyle, and help make a difference! Tap into short and long-term volunteer placement opportunities with the world’s leading sustainable tour operators in Web development, Interactive Marketing and Social Media, as well as hands-on Adventure Tour Guide internships.

Current Volunteer Work & Internship Openings:

  • Southern Thailand
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Baja California, Mexico
  • Yosemite, California, USA

Help keep development LOCAL

Making A Difference

An interesting thing has happened to responsible tourism. Travelers are finally catching on to ecotourism and volunteerism, and new corporations are moving in to capitalize on it. There are many sustainable and community-based local tour operators and properties that just can’t compete with the online marketing budgets of big, global travel agencies.

We believe that supporting local operators directly so they can continue to further community development in their area is more responsible.

Are you part of the Solution?

We believe so. Those of us that are tech-savvy and location independent (nomadic) have a wealth of knowledge and are wired-in to the world’s best internet travel networks, and we use them often.  We manage our personal online presence via our blogs and social media websites, and we’re good at it.

How great would it be to travel and lend a helping hand to the guys on the frontline of sustainable tourism development?

The best part is, it’s GREAT FUN!

Traveling to volunteer with a local tour operator means you get to see a place with the experts, and join in on their fun activities as a staff member. During your stay with them, you join their family, get to experience what they do first hand, and have a homebase to use as a launchpad to explore the area. A lot of our placements are in exotic locations, and provide you with housing and free access to the internet.

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