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What is Sustainable Commerce?

The businesses we support with our dollars must live up to the principles we hold valuable.  When business is run in a way to conserve the environment and build community, that makes it sustainable.  When preserving biological integrity and enhancing human health and welfare precedes the importance of a company’s bottom line, we take note.  The way these businesses choose to run their operations is ethical implementing the following:

sustainable commerce and businessLimiting their negative environmental impact –  This means going above and beyond to ensure their operations aren’t harming the environment in which their business unfolds. This includes:

  • choosing sustainable materials (organic, recycled, natural) to make, package, and ship their products.
  • supporting local suppliers and vendors to reduce carbon emissions
  • running their actual offices and stores efficiently (implementing recycling programs, using alternative energy, using recycled materials)

Enhancing their social and economic impact –  This means inspiring positive change.   These businesses support their employees and neighbors by giving energy, time and money to create a thriving community for everyone. This includes:

  • having an ongoing commitment to employee enrichment opportunities
  • empowering community through projects/programs
  • educating employees and customers about sustainability
  • supporting local, fair trade, and socially responsible businesses

Our Goal

Our goal is to spread the word about businesses that engage in Sustainable Commerce practices. We want to connect environmentally, socially, and economically responsible consumers with like-minded businesses. Please contact us if you wish to be added or mentioned on our website!

Taking Action

  • Eat, Drink, and Wear Sustainability Into Success – Look for and support sustainable businesses in your daily activities. You can drive the course of business development with your dollars.
  • Support Responsible Tour Operators – When traveling, you can choose to support sustainable tourism organizations for an enriching and authentic experience that makes a positive impact in the community you’ve chosen to explore  – budget or luxury, there are many options.

[more articles to come!]

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