3-Ways to Become a More Sustainable You

In the world of supply and demand, we as consumers wield a lot of power.

Saving the world is a tough job - Meg at La Rocca VineyardsEvery purchase is a vote for the continuation of that product, service, and business operation. A responsible spender supports those businesses which live up to the principles he or she values most. If you believe in conserving our natural resources, building community, and enhancing human health and welfare, this message is for you. You WANT to support Sustainable Commerce!

You can eat, drink, and wear sustainability into success!

Yes, making a positive change in our world can actually be fun and start with an organic bottle of wine, a delicious locally-grown meal, or an attractive and durable eco-friendly steel water bottle. All it takes to get started is making the choice to view the transfer of dollars as an opportunity to cast your vote into the world of supply and demand.  Redirect your spending to places where you feel your vote is most deserved.

We have put together a list of affordable, sustainable businesses to help jumpstart your fresh spending outlook. Once you tap in and start noticing what you need to look for in businesses, the network of good people and products will suddenly appear FULL ON in your world – just like that viral Double Rainbow video on YouTube.  And let me tell you – this new venture in saving the world will prove to be incredibly delicious, fashionable and rewarding!

Eating Sustainability

You are what you eat. Educate yourself about what’s on your plate, and honor your body by nourishing it with foods that energetically resonate with you.  Why not choose wholesome options from sustainable farmers at a local market?  Find out if there are CSA‘s or community gardens in your area and get involved.  Look for a health food store near you, and when shopping for groceries try to chose options that are natural/organic, like Paul Newman’s line of organic foods. No time?  When you want to take a night off from the kitchen, try one of these restaurants (or others in your area that run their businesses sustainably).


Cafe Gratitude Sustainable CommerceCAFE GRATITUDE

CALIFORNIACafé Gratitude is a collection of 100% organic vegan restaurants specializing in raw and cooked cuisines. They use produce from their own farm, in addition to ingredients from local farmers and suppliers.  You won’t find any plastic containers or bottles in their retail stores.  Plus, they compost waste and use only recycled paper and soy-based inks on their print materials.



US & INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONSPizza Fusion is a collection of 100% organic pizzerias that deliver their food in hybrid cars, use ingredients from local farms, stock utensils and containers made out of starches that are biodegradable and compostable, and build their restaurants in accordance with LEED standards.



US LOCATIONSEvos is a collection of healthy fast food restaurants offering a reduced-fat All-American menu. They use naturally raised, grass-fed family farm beef, hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Their salads, milkshakes, fruit shakes, iced-teas, and sodas, are all made with 100% organic ingredients. They stock biodegradable cups and utensils, and construct their stores using recycled materials.


Drinking Sustainability

If you consume alcoholic beverages, try an organic beer or wine.  They’re better for your health and the planet, and they taste good, too! Check out the North American Organic Brewers Festival and look for these tasty beverages in your area:


la rocca vineyards

La Rocca Vineyards

CALIFORNIALa Rocca Vineyards is a family-owned and operated winery that offers award winning, 100% organic wines without added sulfites.  This is very rare!  Sulfites are added to most wines as a preservative, and many people have a low tolerance for them, often causing heartburn and headaches.  Besides saving us all a headache, they recycle and participate in local fund-raisers.  Stop in for a tasting and tour of the vineyards.  We caught up with them during the Chardonnay crush last Autumn to experience their 6 finely-crafted varieties!


Two Rivers Cider Company

CALIFORNIATwo Rivers Cider Company offers award winning ciders with a selection of organic brews. By using only fresh apples milled locally in Apple Hill, California, and no additional sugars or concentrates, they’ve produced a one-of-a-kind cider that is also preservative-free. They’ve recently released a cider fermented with 100% organic blue agave! They participate in local fundraisers, and on occasion, they also like make their local deliveries on a vintage bicycle.


sierra nevada brewery solar panels


CALIFORNIA, US DISTRIBUTION –  Sierra Nevada Brewery has a special Estate Ale that is crafted with organic wet hops and barley grown at the brewery in Chico, CA – one of the few estate-ales produced in the world. Their brewery focuses on lowering its environmental impact by recycling, generating their own electricity with a large solar array, and treating wastewater with a proprietary two-step anaerobic treatment system, as well as fueling their boilers with the leftover methane from that system.


Wearing Sustainability

Spending a little money up front on products to help you reduce your consumption of plastic has an added benefit of creating a teaching opportunity.  Leading by example and sharing our knowledge will ease us into a bright future.  Others are eager to hear and may be unknowingly waiting for you to disseminate the information!  When shopping, look for fair trade, handmade, or natural and recycled materials.

chico bag recycled bagChico Bag Company

INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION –  ChicoBag™ Company is equipping humanity with tools that will help eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use paper and plastic bags. Their products are made from recycled materials, and can be easily stuffed into an integrated pouch. They transform worn-out reusable bags into brand new rugs, strive to limit their environmental impact, and run a waste diversion program at their office headquarters where the employees recycle and compost – limiting their landfill waste significantly.


klean kanteen


INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTIONKlean Kanteen offers a stainless steel reusable bottle free of Bisphenol A (BPA) and other toxic substances, so you can free yourself from buying plastic bottles. They’ve just released a new bottle that is solely made with stainless steel, silicone, and sustainably harvested bamboo!  Their packaging is either recycled or made from FSC-certified materials.  They partner with like-minded organizations, to educate the public about health and environmental issues.



INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTIONExotic World Gifts offers unique, fair-trade handicrafts from around the globe.  They create good employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged artisans worldwide by developing sustainable relationships, promoting safe and healthy working conditions, and supporting fair wages.   They also lead groups on Sacred Service tours to visit the villages they work with.



…Just for starters!  There are loads of other businesses like these springing up everywhere.  Let’s support them and take control of the power we possess. You can read more about Sustainable Commerce here… and share the knowledge!


  1. Donna says:

    You rock, big time. I am so happy you love all the lovely sustainables from Chico. Miss you girls..♥

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