Blue skies, crystal clear water, golden moons, and delicious food. This is what we love the most about Thailand. The diversity of this country is incredible. From bustling cities to untouched islands with sandy beaches, Thailand has something for everyone!


The climate in Thailand is tropical. It can get hot and it rains often, so it’s best to visit during the ‘dry season’. The ‘wet season’ sees lots of rain and some flooding.


Thailand has a big food culture, with plenty of delicious flavors for us to explore. From street food vendors who

Best time to visit

Thailand is a year-round destination. However, during the middle of the dry season (February – April), there’s more sunshine, less rain and fewer tourists at popular destinations.

Hotels and restaurants

There are plenty of options when it comes to hotels in Thailand. It’s often easy to get a great deal, especially outside the high season. Some of the most popular areas include Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

Best time to book flights

As Thailand is a popular year-round destination, there are flight deals throughout the year. To find cheap flights to Thailand, you should start looking at least 6 months in advance.

As the high season is from December – April, the best time to get a flight deal in Thailand is during October – November. Prices go down and demand goes up during this period.

Money matters

When it comes to money matters in Thailand, the official currency is Baht. You can use credit cards at most shops and hotels. It’s a good idea to ask your bank for details before you travel.

There are plenty of ATM’s in most towns in Thailand, so you don’t have to rely on getting all your cash in Bangkok. You can also get travelers’ cheques from Thomas Cook when you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Another option is to exchange your money at a bank or at a currency exchange shop. Don’t forget to change enough into Baht to get to the next destination!

When you pick up the money, ask for a receipt from the bank. You will need this receipt when you exchange your leftover currency back into foreign money before leaving the country.

Visas and permits

A standard Thai visa is valid for 30 days. Visitors can extend their stay to 60 days at an immigration office. You need to apply for this extension before your visa expires.

If you want to work in Thailand, you’ll need a non-immigrant B or O visa. You cannot get this on arrival, so visit the closest Thai embassy before you travel.

Packing for Thailand

Thailand is hot and humid, and it rains often! This means you should pack light when travelling to this amazing country… Here are our top tips! Take just one suitcase – no more than 7kg – if possible. Pack no less than 3 t-shirts (lightweight cotton), 2 pairs of shorts, sandals, flip flops, 2 skirts/dresses (if you plan on visiting temples) and 1 pair of trousers or capris. Take a small backpack with your camera, travel guidebook, passport and valuables (like your phone and wallet) so they’re easy to take on the plane or train. Pack as light as possible – it can get very hot in Thailand! If you want to buy some more clothes when you arrive, that’s okay. Just make sure you have enough space for everything – no more than 2 suitcases if possible!

How much money should you bring with you?

The cost of living in Thailand is pretty cheap compared to other big cities like London or New York City. Here are some rough estimates: Average – $30 per day if you stay in dorms or hostels, meet people and eat street food; $50 per day if you stay in more expensive guest houses and hotels, eat out in restaurants and rent motorbikes.

Be aware that prices may be higher if you’re visiting popular destinations like Phuket or Chiang Mai and the northernmost areas of Thailand. To find out more about this country’s cost of living, check out – it has detailed information on how much things like food and drinks actually cost in local currency.

How to get around when traveling in Thailand

The best way to travel between Thai cities is by plane, train or long-distance bus. If you can’t afford these options, there are also trains and buses available for short trips! You can buy tickets online at . Another option is to book your train through a travel agency. Most hotels, guesthouses and travel agencies offer this service.

What Thailand has to offer is amazing.

In conclusion, what Thailand has to offer is amazing. If you want a relaxing beach break with sun, sand, and coconuts; if you want to eat delicious Thai food every day; or if you just like the idea of spending time in South East Asia’s cultural melting pot, then Thailand should be at the top of your bucket list!

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