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[Co-founder of Teknomadics] Meghan got her start in a small, country town in Southeast Alabama, never quite feeling at home until she hit the road. Her technomadic journey began in June of 2009 when she left behind her job at a swanky salon & makeup studio in exchange for adventure and growth. Meghan currently lives in Thailand. She is a Teacher Collaborator and Community Outreach volunteer with Peace Corps. Follow her adventures on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!

Hidden Gem: Tonsai Beach, Thailand

If you read up on Thai beaches, you are sure to run across Railay Bay.  One of the most beautiful and touristy spots on the Andaman coast.  If you follow the signs to Railay you will find world-class rock climbing, fire shows, nice bungalows and many food options.  And when you get there, you may hear about Ton Sai and …

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4 Steps to a Heartfelt Hug

Maybe you have forgotten how to hug, maybe you never learned as a child, maybe you are too busy in the rat race to make time for a heartfelt hug. I have noticed that it doesn’t come easily or naturally to all people, but I’m convinced there’s still time! We can spread free love in a safe way by pausing up to 30 seconds to open our hearts and arms to strangers, neighbors, and family alike.

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This is how the family grows…

In order for us to have this wave of global unity that we envision at, in order for us to have a truly world-wide web of connection, access to this web must be available to even the most remote of our brothers & sisters across the globe. Good news comes today: we are getting closer. I have been surprised …

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BooYA!CaCAO! – just. sustainable. chocolate.

If only more producers were using this approach.  Booya Cacao goes far beyond organic.  It goes beyond fair trade. This is truly sustainable chocolate.  Booya Cacao uses only three delicious & good-for-you ingredients which are all produced in the same agroforestry system with minimal impact.  It is then traded with a goal of zero emissions using sail, bike, and animal-powered …

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CouchSurfing: making the world smaller…one couch at a time

Personally, for us here at, CouchSurfing brought us together and opened the doors to our current lifestyle. This online community is a prime example of grassroots-turned-wildflower hospitality resulting in millions of mutually beneficial relationships. As CouchSurfers, when we show up in a new city, we have instant friends expecting us, bringing us into their daily lives. They will take us …

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