CouchSurfing: making the world smaller…one couch at a time

Personally, for us here at, CouchSurfing brought us together and opened the doors to our current lifestyle. This online community is a prime example of grassroots-turned-wildflower hospitality resulting in millions of mutually beneficial relationships. As CouchSurfers, when we show up in a new city, we have instant friends expecting us, bringing us into their daily lives. They will take us to their favorite restaurants and show us the best hiking trails. They take us to volunteer, help us with navigating the city, and introduce us to other technomads. Home becomes wherever we are.

When we can’t travel, we still get to live fresh by hosting visitors from all over the world, showing them the best our community has to offer. We swap stories, knowledge, music, and talents. We make friendships that will last a lifetime. Because so many of us are constantly bouncing around the globe, we often have chance reunions in random places! Most every CS encounter starts and ends the same as if we were visiting an old friend—with a heartfelt hug of gratitude and belonging.

Get straight to the heart.  Over 2 million members from 238 countries are connecting through this tool to reunite the global family.  CS is webbing cultures together and restoring our faith in humanity.  CS renews the fruits of the spirit and helps our true selves to shine as we learn to celebrate our differences. Learn more on their site:

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