On a Budget? The Best Hostels in Khao Sok Thailand

If you're looking to adventure into the thai jungle and are on a budget, hostels in Khao Sok National Park can be hit or miss. Listed here are hostels in khao sok that we've visited ourselves and can recommend!

Exploring Khao Sok National Park in Thailand on a budget is an adventure all by itself!  If you arrive in Khao Sok without a reservation, you’ll run the risk of paying higher prices for everything from your lodging, activities, and transportation. If that’s how you roll that’s cool, just be warned that you may be in for some interesting interactions at the bus stop if you arrive like this!

Depending on where you are staying in Khao Sok, chances are your hostel or hotel is just a short walk from the bus stop. It’s a good idea to come prepared and have a plan for how to get to your place, whether it’s walking, renting a motorbike, or calling the hostel to pick you up.

(Note: motorbikes should run about 250THB/day, but they will ask to keep your passport or pay a hefty deposit. There is a motorbike rental shop next to the bus stop, and you can also walk down into the village and find other rental places who may offer a better deal. )

Picking from the hostels in Khao Sok

There are many hostels in Khao Sok to choose from, and I can’t stress enough that when looking for hostels, cheaper is not always worth it! I think the atmosphere is paramount, and the amenities and sleeping areas critical – you need a good nights sleep to adventure the next day happily. I also find that the best hostels are the ones that have a spacious place to hang out and socialize with other travelers.

Some of the things I consider when making my selections:

  • free internet
  • clean beds
  • spacious common areas
  • free lockers
  • a bar or a nearby bar
  • good food

Especially for Khao Sok, you want to stay somewhere that doesn’t make you feel like you’re overpaying for activities. When you can find a place that is both cheap and has a great atmosphere and facilities, you know you’ve struck gold!

#1 Coco Khao Sok Hostel & Bakery

Hostel Balcony overlooking Khao Sok jungle

Hands down Coco Khao Sok Hostel & Bakery is the best one of the hostels in Khao Sok National Park.

For starters, this isn’t a hostel where you will find the classic bunk beds with people crammed in the rooms. The hostel has several dorm rooms with cool box-style cozy beds that give you a little more privacy with easy access to power outlets and storage cabinets. Coco also does have some private rooms available but you’ll need to contact them directly.

Coco Khao Sok Hostel Dormitory Beds

My friend Marius hanging out in his box!

They also recently remodeled, so the facilities are squeaky clean and have brand new mattresses and linens – and yes all of the rooms have cold AC. Another extra perk here are the big balconies with views of the jungle where people can hang out, play games, read a book, or have a smoke. This Khao Sok hostel also has plenty of lockers available where you can store your valuables.

Coco is in the village by Khao Sok National Park and conveniently located across a Thai massage place! 😍They’re also next to a mini-mart where you’ll find a wide variety of items ranging from snacks to jungle trekking supplies. This shop also has a same-day laundry service that’s cheap and convenient.

As a digital nomad, I also require good internet connection where ever I am, and Coco’s WiFi connection was pretty fast for most tasks. I took a few Google Voice calls without an issue and also live-streamed some dorky sci-fi shows I won’t disclose here! Below is a picture of the speed test I ran:

Coco Khao Sok Hostel WiFi Speed Test

Exploring Khao Sok National Park & surrounding jungle

With this hostel as the perfect launching pad to explore the park, it’s easy to get help from the staff to organize treks to the rainforest and tours to Khao Sok lake at reasonable prices. They helped me book an overnight stay at Cheow Lan lake in one of these fantastic floating bungalows. I was also able to experience the jungle with the help of a local guide who spoke excellent English and made the trip extra fun. They have guides available in different languages as well! You can find a list of their Khao Sok National Park tours herebut these are some of my favorites:

Enjoy the Sunsent on a Khao Sok Lake Tours

Depending on what time of year you visit, there are different activities available that the hostel staff can help you book. I’ve been here in both the rainy season and the cool season and always find fun stuff to do. Right now, I’m here during the rainy (monsoon) season, and although it does rain often if you’re out early you can still catch a ton of sunshine and explore the park – its the rainforest after all! It rained a bit on my lake trip but nothing that couldn’t be fixed by wearing a raincoat! A bonus with the rain is that once it stops its likely that you can catch some wildlife coming out to find food while they can!

Food, Food, Food!

Mangosteen Thailand Fruit

Additionally, I love Thailand during the rainy season because you can find all sorts of tasty fruits available that aren’t as abundant or delicious other times of the year. Mangosteen, rambutan, longan, and durian fruit are everywhere at excellent prices so you can indulge to your heart’s desire. Live a little, try some weird lookin’ fruits!

The most impressive thing about this place for a foodie like me is the restaurant and bakery! If you stay here, I guarantee you’ll want to eat here almost every day. The food is delicious, but also there is a great atmosphere here with all of the backpackers around sharing stories, listening to music, and just hanging out having a drink. They have homemade ice cream, fresh coffee (with an actual espresso machine), and a wide array of Thai and western dishes, including pizza and Mexican food! If you need your avocado fix, this is the place to be. We ordered the avocado salad and a chicken quesadilla last night, and it did not disappoint.

Food from Khao Sok Hostel Restaurant

We recommend booking with them directly through their website for the best deal, but you can also find them listed on the major online booking websites:

#2 Sunshine Khao Sok Hostel

Khao Sok Hostel view from the Balcony

Sunshine Khao Sok Hostel is the Happiest Place in Khao Sok! I love this boutique hostel because it is located right down the street (200 meters) from the Khao Sok National Park entrance and its facilities are brand new. The hostel has just a few comfortable beds in spacious rooms with lovely balconies. Sunshine hostel also has lockers available, and the bathrooms all have free soap and shampoo! When you arrive at the Khao Sok bus stop, you can give them a call, and they’ll even pick you up for free!

Sunshine Khao Sok Hostel Dormitory BedsThey have a tour desk and currency exchange, and their friendly staff can help you organize a local tour. They have some enjoyable Khao Sok National Park tour packages available where you can hang out with Elephants, join a group tour, and make new friends on the lake. Their local guides are also very knowledgable and fun!

Khao Sok Soy Milk

The restaurant at this hostel serves not only good food but they also have fresh coffee. What makes them unique is that they make their own homemade soy milk drink that is popular with the locals. It comes served either hot or cold, and with all sorts of delicious toppings! When I stayed here, I enjoyed a hot one almost every evening after a day out exploring.

This Khao Sok hostel also has excellent WiFi and is located across from other restaurants and bars if you’re looking to socialize. Also, if you’re craving pizza, check out Da Pipino Pizzeria right by the river! Sidenote, I believe pineapple goes on pizza, so take that as you wish!

We recommend booking with them directly through their website for the best deal, but you can also find them listed on the major online booking websites:

We hope you found these reviews helpful! 

In addition to being the hostels in Khao Sok where we experienced the best service and overall best accommodation facilities, both of the hostels listed here are family-owned businesses that are part of a network deeply involved in the local community. They give back by supporting local education projects, help organize regional guide trainings, and have eco-friendly business practices. We like to not only encourage these types of places but also support them with our business so that they can continue to empower the local communities to thrive. Please spread the word!

  1. Stephanie Michaels says:

    The price of some of the hotels becomes a bit high sometimes, but I think that’s why we should focus on covering areas such as the season and the anticipation with which we book our hotel room, also I’ve seen that there are hostels, if you do a travel alone will help you enough because you will not need anything more than your suitcase and a bed, plus you can meet new people in the place and share experiences!
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Manuel Mendoza says:

    Coco Khao Sok Hostel seems to be the type of place I like to stay on a trip to Thailand! I think it has everything I need, besides that if the people of my work decides to bother me on my vacations I will have good internet to attend mails and more!

    Thanks for this post! Great blog my friend!

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