Heathrow’s Restaurants: A culinary journey around the world

Discover the world through food at the amazing eateries located in one of the world's leading airports, London Heathrow, a place renowned for its work in sustainable operations and commitment to local communities and the environment.

In addition to caring for and maintaining the safety of passengers, Heathrow takes travelers on savory adventures across numerous countries, even prior to take off.

From the fresh, authentic Italian ingredients used in the popular chain Carluccio’s to the pan-Asian noodle experts at Wagamama, the airport provides people with a sneak peek of what’s yet to come in their journey across the world.

Image credit: www.hospitalityandcateringnews.com

Image credit: www.hospitalityandcateringnews.com

Those feeling a little courageous can go out of their comfort zone and dine on home-style Middle Eastern cuisine at Comptoir Libanais located in Terminal 4.

Here, passengers are offered the taste of Lebanese home food with dishes such as tagines and mezze bites. For another family dining experience, people with flights taking off from Terminal 5 can enjoy East Asian favorites where there is wealth of niche restaurants.

The Wagamama menu is mainly composed of yakisoba, coconut porridge and other quick-fire Japanese noodles and rice bowls, though it does have an international spin to dishes too, like the Full English breakfast and kedgeree.

Travelers can also treat themselves to fancy European specialties at the  Caviar House & Prunier Seafood, munching on delicacies such as Balik salmon that’s been smoked using a 25-step 150-year-old process in the Swiss Alps.

But if you would like to expose your palette to seafood from around the world, the critically acclaimed Caviar House Oyster Bar will spoil you with multiple variations of the gourmet ingredient, serving oysters from the US, France, Ireland and Japan.

And lastly, what would Heathrow Airport be without English pubs and restaurants? Among the vast assortment of pubs are the Fuller’s, London Pride and the Flying Chariot that’s been designed to celebrate the historical achievements of the passenger hub.

There’s also Heston Blumenthal’s Perfectionists’ Cafe, which Parking4Less describes as having a menu reflecting British eccentricity, includes items that highlight upscale traditional classics with the addition of Heston’s innovative touch.

To view the full selection of restaurants, Heathrow’s main website has the complete list of eateries and bars in all the terminals along with their descriptions. You can take a look at their Sustainability Report for 2014 here, and check out Responsible Heathrow for more on what they’re doing to make a positive change in their operations and leading in corporate responsibility.

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