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Teknomadics was started in 2010 by MeghanRae & Lilia Villa, with a mission to promote peace and understanding across cultures by sharing uplifting, informative, and fun stories from the road - with special efforts to showcase people who are BEING the change they want to see in the world. You can Follow their adventures on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!

New DIY Electric Airplane Takes Flight

Via: Autopia Posted: 2010-12-07 The number of flying electric airplanes (and pilots) increased by one with the first flight of John Monnett’s Waiex in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Waiex is one of several models of kit-built aircraft designed and produced by Monnett’s company, Sonex, and the electric version has been in development for several years. “Every first flight of a new …

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Better Place Electric Cars & Sustainability – SF Bay Area

Palo Alto, Calif. – (October 27, 2010) – Better Place, with support from the U.S. Department of Transportation via the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, today announced a commitment to bring a switchable battery, electric taxi program to the Bay Area in partnership with the cities of San Francisco and San Jose to further cement the region’s position as the “EV Capital of the U.S.”

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The Schwarzschild Proton Paper at the American Institute of Physics!

The Resonance Project and Nassim Haramein are pleased to announce that Haramein’s latest paper, The Schwarzschild Proton, has passed peer review – Hooray! – and is now published at the American Institute of Physics. The link on their site is here,, where you may click on the right hand corner to see the table of contents PDF of the …

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Drumming For Peace in Iraq

Since 2007, author and music therapist, Christine Stevens has been working in Iraq with an inspired American team to train Iraqis in the art of drum circle leadership. In the first music-based conflict resolution training in a war-zone, Stevens trained thirty-eight Iraqis from seven different governances across Iraq in leadership of the drumming programs. The pioneering program was the vision of Melinda Witter. According to one man, “I was amazed to see people from conflicted areas making music together.”

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