Our Jungle House Review – Khao Sok Tree Houses – Thailand

While visiting Khao Sok National Park, you definitely need to spend a couple of nights in the nearby jungle tree houses. Although the area is chock-full of hotels and resorts claiming to have tree houses in the jungle, Our Jungle House Nature Resort is the only place that is actually in the jungle.

Situated on 25 acres of privately owned primary rainforest alongside the Sok river, Our Jungle House is a place apart, quiet and peaceful. We have spent many hours skipping stones on the river’s edge, where you can also build a campfire on those cool evenings. This spot is our favorite for a misty morning meditation or yoga session. It is an extremely romantic setting, and with only 16 rooms, the property never feels overcrowded.

Our Jungle House is the perfect outdoor classroom. Props to the parents who bring their children to a resort like this. There is much learning and exploring to be done within a few steps from your door. The giant, age-old limestone cliffs are an awesome opportunity to explain about water levels, rock formations, and changing ecosystems. Do you know how limestone is formed? IF you need to brush up on your geology, there’s an in-house library with detailed information on the history of this land.

Our Jungle House is definitely trying to be ecologically-minded unlike it’s neighbors. Great care is taken to use local materials and craftsmen, and the resort operates in a way to minimize its impact on the local ecology. You contribute by foregoing hot water showers and air-conditioning. No worries, there are plenty of windows opening out into the treetops. They compost as well as recycle – though we have marked them down on their score because they still only have plastic water bottles for guests. We suggest they cut down on their plastic use before this score can be raised.  In our opinion being Eco friendly also involves providing alternatives and discouraging plastic use. A nice water cooler in the lobby or in each of the rooms would do loads to cut back.

(Video coming soon!)

Our favorite activities include river tubing and a Cheow Larn Lake trip (complete with kayaking and cave hike), both easily booked with the nice folks at the front desk. Additionally, they can set up elephant treks, night safaris, in-room massages and onward transportation. If you are around for the winter season (cool season) try to catch a Rafflesia flower blooming. They are absolutely incredible.

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