The Schwarzschild Proton Paper at the American Institute of Physics!

The Resonance Project and Nassim Haramein are pleased to announce that Haramein’s latest paper, The Schwarzschild Proton, has passed peer review – Hooray! – and is now published at the American Institute of Physics. The link on their site is here,, where you may click on the right hand corner to see the table of contents PDF of the book. The Schwarzschild Proton is on page 95.

Dual Torus model

This paper received a Best Paper Award in the field of “Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory, and Gravitation” at the University of Liège, Belgium during the 9th International Conference CASYS’09 (Computing Anticipatory Systems).

This significant paper marks a new paradigm in the world of quantum theory, as it describes the nuclei of an atoms as a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious undefined “strong force.” This radical new view of the quantum world produces a unification of the forces and appropriately predicts measured values for the nucleon of an atom.

Much more work must be done to complete the picture, yet this simple paper is already producing remarkable results! Visit The Resonance Project’s website to read more about this and other new exciting research!

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