Olympus Stylus NOT Tough – Failed Review

Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 14 MP Digital Camera

33ft Waterproof, 6.6ft Shockproof, 5.0 Wide Optical Zoom, HD

After only having this camera for 4 months while traveling in Thailand, it has definitely failed the test. The camera’s battery suddenly shut off one day and even trying new camera batteries, the thing wont turn on.

If you are looking for a primary use camera that can do it all – this is not it. Even though you sacrifice image quality with this camera, it would be worth it if worked – for the purpose of traveling light and having a shock-proof waterproof device.

I think the Stylus Tough probably only lives up to its name if its used rarely, as a secondary camera… When you only use it on special occasions like “I really might be dropping my camera on this trip,” or “I am going snorkeling.” It has a fatal design flaw – the seals just get destroyed by small particulate matter overtime. No, probably not a good idea to take it to Burning Man folks.

I contacted the Olympus People. Guess what?


Question: I purchased my camera 4 months ago, and am currently traveling in Thailand. I have been here 3 months with the camera, charging and using it without a problem. Yesterday when I tried to turn the camera on, the battery light flashed and it turned off. It had been charging for a few hours, so I was confused as to why it was out of battery. Now the camera wont turn on at all, and the charger isn’t charging. I tried charging via USB. please help, I believe the warranty is still good and it has not gotten wet etc. without the lock on. – thanks L


Dear Lilia
Make sure the battery is inserted the correct way.
Try another outlet, to see if it starts to charge.
Are you using a charger or charging through the camera?
Best Regards – Dan@Olympus Imaging America Inc.


The camera comes with a cable that connects from the outlet plug to the camera
Battery is inserted the correct way and i tried several outlets.


Hi Lilia,
Try a nother battery?
Are you in Thailand now?


Funny you should ask!
I was just trying out some Olympus batteries from a friend who has a collection of broken olympus tough cameras. its kind of ironic. but none of the batteries worked on my camera and we know they work.
Yes, I am traveling in Thailand now still.

And Guess What? I wasn’t kidding!

My friend literally has a graveyard of these DEAD CAMERAS – all recent models. Let this be a lesson to all of you!


  1. Encountered same problems as other users, camera didn’t want to switch on, or little orange light that indicates charging went on. When pushing for a longer time the battery inside sometimes the camera switched on. Really helpful was cleaning the contact points with alcool and tearing a bit on the contacts inside the camera. Hope this ‘repair’ will last!

  2. Geoff says:

    Update to my previous post about my TG 830 not powering up. I found a tip on another site. I cleaned the battery contacts with a Q tip dipped in alcohol, (aka metholated spirits). Some black gunk came off on the Q tip even though the contacts looked gold and shiny. I also bent the end of a paper clip into a tiny hook and gently pulled the battery connector terminals inside the camera upward towards where the battery terminals will contact. Put battery back in and bingo!; the lights came on and it is working just like a bought one. Maybe they do build them to last; but with unexpected maintenance.

  3. Geoff says:

    Now have the same problem with my TG 830. Bought 2 years ago and used on about 6 holidays without problem. Last week, in Thailand, it worked one day, recharged overnight and then failed to start the next day. Guessing the battery had mysteriously discharged itself, I recharged it again overnight and it worked the next day. Recharged again overnight, but next day…..nothing again. Now it won’t switch on at all. Have recharged it, taken battery out and back in, plugged it into PC to fire up. It’s DEAD. We know that things aren’t made to last, but 2 years? From an infrequently used camera; that’s pretty crappy. It’s a shame because I like Olympus cameras and this series in particular, but I’ll be shopping another brand for it’s replacement.

  4. Brian Flack says:

    I purchased a Olympus Tough from Big-W last june (2014) for what I thought a good price $144.It worked fine until Xmas where I have the same problem starting up.I took it to Battery World and the battery was fully charged.and ok I took back to Big-W this morning and they sent it off for repairs..2 weeks to wait for a reply.Lucky I have a Sony and Nikon Cameras as back ups.Cheers ..B.

  5. i found out that in my case the contacts of the battery had lost the Connection. if you press the battery a Little more inside the camera then it starts up. maybe you can take a hook and pull out the contact Pins a Little so they have contact again

  6. So I had the same problem where 8010 wouldn’t turn on. I tried different usb power adapters, for a while it was hit or miss, then stopped totally. I put the battery on a volt meter and both cells were registering 3.7v give or take. That’s what they should, so I know it wasn’t the battery. I do tinker with electronics so I know how a bad contact can render a device useless. So I broke out my alcohol swabs, wiped off the contacts on both the battery and inside the camera and shot some canned air in to make it dry quick. Popped the battery in and VOILA! it started up. Made a few wierd noises the first time, but now will take a charge and work as it should.

  7. Bought my Olympus Tough less than a year ago. It’s been a great camera. Now without any warning it’s suddenly stopped turning on. Thought the battery had run out as when I pressed the on switch the screen illuminated for a second then went off. So charged it. But it’s just the same. Can’t turn it on. Very poor – not tough!

  8. I have a new Olympus camera , it is not charging.
    Only blinks for a while and then becomes dead when put on charge.It looks from blog that Olympus is producing junk definitely,

  9. Steve Baglien says:

    I had the exact same problem – only had the camera 4 months – always well taken care of – suddenly died.  Tested multiple batteries and the cable to the computer, nothing.  Junk – 3rd failure of a new Olympus camera this year – they use to be great cameras, they make junk now.

  10. Yes, tragic in fact. I have at the 3rd camera on your blog to suffer the effect. If you find a resolution outside of buying a different camera, it would be great to hear about it. Thanks!

  11. Super_fly_agent says:

    so no answer no solution huh? Arrrrgh! I’m in Virgin Gorda and day one the exact same thing happens to me… I’ve read tons of blog entries about this same problem with not one example of resolving the problem…  bummer!

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