Burning Man Metropolis – Lair of the Lurking Camp 2010

This past year at Burningman Metropolis 2010, we were lucky enough to camp with the Villains camp at Lair of the Lurking, on 7:30 & Esplanade….right smack in the middle of all the action! (Thanks Sheena!) The centerpiece of our camp was a giant maze made from scrap metal taken from an old barn in Missouri. A big group of burners drove them all the way down to Black Rock City, and along the way they had 5 flat tires…but they made it to the playa in true EPIC fashion! Woot!

We all helped build up the maze, and brought dozens of spray paint cans for people to Graffiti and let loose. The work we put into it was well worth it! People loved it and we ended up with some amazing art painted all over it. We were sad to tear it down, but alas, it’s Burning Man! Check out some of our photos!

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