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4 Steps to a Heartfelt Hug

Maybe you have forgotten how to hug, maybe you never learned as a child, maybe you are too busy in the rat race to make time for a heartfelt hug. I have noticed that it doesn’t come easily or naturally to all people, but I’m convinced there’s still time! We can spread free love in a safe way by pausing up to 30 seconds to open our hearts and arms to strangers, neighbors, and family alike.

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From Couches to Tents – Couchsurfers Gear Up for TentSurf 2011

450 couchsurfers ditched their couches and camped out in the heart of the Rockies for the first North American CS Camp Out in 2009. The organizer, Jon Cordoba, has turned that epic event into an annual gathering currently based in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. In its new location, the event drew more than 250 couchsurfers in 2010 (teknomadics included!), and is now gearing up for the fun shenanigans this coming June 9-12th!

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Burning Man Haiku

Here are a few haiku about Burningman I jotted down on my way down the coast after the 09 Burn! Burningman Evolution was an amazing virgin burn! Please feel free to comment and share!

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