San Diego Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight – Rewinding for 2011

In 2009, a friend and I decided that rather than drive up to San Francisco’s Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight, we would just create our own. We set up the event on Facebook and Couchsurfing with no idea if anything would happen. Imagine our surprise when over 100 people showed up for the fight!

The fight was started at 6pm by a small group of us. We ran behind the crowd and rushed them screaming, pillows swinging! We started at the fountain in Horton Plaza, then moved on to the streets and started another pillow fight in front of the Balboa. We then proceeded to the intersection of 5th and Market, and returned to Horton Plaza for the finale.

It was tons of fun. Families joined us with their kids, young and old alike – all taking a little time off to have lighthearted fun. There were feathers everywhere! (feathers are biodegradable, Channel 7 News Anchor).

Turns out, we decided to have another one! You can go to our event page to learn more about it!

San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter - nearing the end of the fight

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