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Nathaniel Allenby grew up on a family farm in the Willamette Valley 30 miles outside of Portland, Oregon. After graduating with honors from a prestigious Catholic high school, he entered a collegiate Politics program; which painfully showed him the world he did not want to enter. Since then he has been traveling around the world on a bicycle throughout 10 countries, 25 United States, and about 27,000 miles. He has blogged about his experiences and is a Couchsurfing Nomadic Ambassador. He would be more than happy to receive personal communication!

Division & Unity

I remember learning about division, third grade, right after we had our multiplication tables down pat. However, at the time I didn’t really know what division meant; I didn’t realize I was being divided from everyone around me, purposefully, methodically. I didn’t realize how ingrained it is in our culutre, how it is conditioned into us from the very beginning.

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