Chasing the Dragon

Sometimes I wonder. Why do I keep going? Why do I shiver at night on the side of a highway with nothing but a bottle of cheap whiskey to keep me warm? Why do I wake up on days and say, “ok, let’s go,” not knowing exactly where or why. Why do I keep forming relationships knowing that it’s inevitable that I’ll have to say goodbye soon after I say hello?

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BooYA!CaCAO! – just. sustainable. chocolate.

If only more producers were using this approach.  Booya Cacao goes far beyond organic.  It goes beyond fair trade. This is truly sustainable chocolate.  Booya Cacao uses only three delicious & good-for-you ingredients which are all produced in the same agroforestry system with minimal impact.  It is then traded with a goal of zero emissions using sail, bike, and animal-powered …

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