This is how the family grows…

In order for us to have this wave of global unity that we envision at, in order for us to have a truly world-wide web of connection, access to this web must be available to even the most remote of our brothers & sisters across the globe. Good news comes today: we are getting closer.

I have been surprised at where I’ve found internet access. I’ve seen remote villages in the Solomon Islands with a packet radio link to another island for their internet access. I’ve been at an internet cafe in the Marshall Islands that accessed the web via a geosynchronous satellite. I’ve seen lodges in the rainforest of Borneo hooked up to the web. I once counted 27 open wifi signals in Taipei on a rooftop. We truly live in a wired world.

—Gary Arndt, author of

While it is true that right now only about 30% of the world’s population is connected, that is an increase of 445% from 10 years ago! Where can we go from here? And what else is possible?!

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