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[Co-founder of Teknomadics] Lilia grew up in Southern California and expressed her interest for travel and the internet from a young age - building her first website when she was in 6th grade. After working in the eCommerce and Destination Marketing world for more than 6 years, she decided it was time for a change and hit the road. She currently enjoys her life as a Location Independent professional. Follow her adventures on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook! Lilia is a Nomadic Ambassador for

From Trash to Homes

In a world where in a year we produce more than 200 billion PET bottles, only recycle 5%, and see the rest flow into our rivers and oceans – this amazing technique is an absolute necessity.

PET Bottle + Dirt & Rubble = BRICK

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Burning Man Haiku

Here are a few haiku about Burningman I jotted down on my way down the coast after the 09 Burn! Burningman Evolution was an amazing virgin burn! Please feel free to comment and share!

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The Whole World Sleeps On My Couch

the Couchsurfing San Diego City Ambassadors By Rosa Jurjevics | Published Wednesday, May 6, 2009 – San Diego Reader “Don’t,” says my stepmother. “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.” Her voice is tinny through the speakers of my cell phone. “Why not?” I ask. She pauses, considering. “The whole thing just sounds…dangerous,” she says. “I mean, staying in strangers’ …

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